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Cash Management Services

Give your cash more flow.

Our Cash Management services give you the access and professional account tools that you want in order to effectively manage your finances. You can also rest assured that the system is secure, and simple to understand.

ACH Origination

Automated Clearing House (ACH) Origination allows you to debit/credit domestic bank accounts. ACH, which is accessed through a single system, is used for payroll, direct deposit, collecting on accounts receivable, paying vendors and loan payments, etc.

Online Wire Origination

Use the convenience of an Online Wire Origination to assist you in electronically transferring funds from one bank account to another. You can expedite funds when you need them the most.

Remote Deposit Capture

Make your day go a little easier by having the ability to deposit checks, at any time, from your business location. When checks are received, the check images are securely captured using a scanning device, which then transmits the image for deposit directly to your business checking account at FirstAtlantic Bank. You can remotely make deposits at any time throughout the day and print reports whenever you need them. There is also a security feature which prevents checks from being deposited twice. N Touch Treasury Remote Deposit saves you time and money, eliminates your trip to the Bank and improves your cash flow.

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If your business receives a large number of payments in the form of a check, let FirstAtlantic process these checks instead of you doing it manually. The convenience is yours as you save time, your checks will clear faster, and you have easy access to your funds. Current FirstAtlantic Lockbox customers can login below.

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Positive Pay

You can be confident that the checks issued by your business will be presented to the intended recipient with our Positive Pay service. By sharing electronically the business’ check register of all written checks only the checks listed in that register, i.e., amount, payee, serial number, etc. will be paid. This system dramatically reduces the risk of check fraud.

Merchant Services

Paying with a credit or debit card is the norm in today's world of electronic payments. FirstAtlantic Merchant Services can provide you with secure, customized and cost-effective payment and credit card processing solutions, enabling you to accept virtually any type of card payment, including credit, debit and gift cards. And, you gain faster access to funds, reduce your company’s exposure to fraud, and simplify accounting.

Payroll Services

FirstAtlantic Bank has partnered with Paychex to help you manage and disburse your payroll quickly and easily. Through this convenient online service, you can process payroll including initiating direct deposit, calculating withholdings, taxes and net pay; and remitting payroll taxes. There is comprehensive reporting and accrual tracking for employee vacation and sick leave.

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All Cash Management Services are required to receive approval from the Bank. A Cash Management Services agreement between FirstAtlantic Bank and the customer is required.